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60 and Over
I am a carer
meeting new friends
I am single have just finished writing a book about my life (warts and all) if you want to know more then ask. This will be available on Amazon and Kindle. My first fiction book is now on Amazon it’s called ‘The Deadly Oak’.
I like to read. Walk my dogs in the woods, listen to music and chill out
Now writing fiction
Stay young and enjoy life to the full
Rock n roll, country, Blues
The Others, The Borrowers, KPax
Anything Ghostly.
Ghost Whisperer I loved this series, Goodnight Sweetheart, Miranda, Mrs Browns boys.
No time for goodbye.
The lost boy.
Dear thing
Before we met
The Ice Twins
Ghost Whisperer
My late husband he was the bravest man I ever knew, My son Scott for overcoming the impossible everyday.
My Penpal
Hi I'm Sandie, I like to read, laugh, and try to fill my days doing something that makes me happy, if you want to know more, ask me

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