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I am looking for females to write letters too, that is around my aged and has some interest has me.

I would also like to exchange small gifts, photos, cards on special occasions and learn about your culture

Doesn’t matter if you have a disability, religious, no children or what kind of race you.

I am not interested in email penpals.
hi my name is Joanna. i am happily married to DAB (David), we have been married since 1991. my favoutite hobbie is playing darts. i used to do a martial art (Taekwon-do). i did this for nine years and i passed 4 grade-in's, and i was the only disabled person in the group. the type of penpal i am looking for is someone who wants to chat, nothing else just chat. could you be that person. why not try, give me a try.
Hi I am Kerry aged 39 I have had MS for 9 years. Good times and not so good times with it but I count my blessings really as I have relapsing remitting and am still walking around unaided and doing pretty well, currently taking Tysabri would love to chat with all different kinds of people to open up my mind to different points of view and share experiences also with other people with MS
would like pen pals from all over the world.
I don't recognize angry faces, very acute sounds hurt me and people makes me feel anxiety. I'm a loner.
I want to meet people around the world.
My name is Rhiann and I'm 25 from South Wales. Last year I was diagnosed with a long-standing brain stem lesion and spastic paraparesis, since then have become considerably worse. My main symptoms include severe dizziness, balance problems and stiffness and weakness of legs, have recently bought a walking stick to help with my lack of balance (it's a really nice one - bright pink with butterflies). Am looking for friendship and understanding as I feel increasingly isolated
hi im shirlea ,im a widow and im mostly housebound any one like to chat get fed up talking to my self ha 50yrs g,s,o,h great love of animals xx ps i dont bite
hi my name is tracy i am 42 years old i have epilepsy and have had cancer i also have lympthimia in my hand and i am on a walking stick but life goes on and try be happy i am looking for new penpals to chat and comunicate with has i feel this is important this is a good site and i am sure some of you will email me so go on fill my message box up i have several hobbies etc i like emailing , surfing the net talking ,sequin art , card crafting, cooking , word searches, and much more , i enjoy the soaps on the tv emmerdale eastenders, corronation street,reading i love to and meeting people i enjoy writing letters to penpalls if you prefer to drop me a line then please do to the address below thank you for reading this have a good day
Hi. I'm Tom 45/single. I enjoy the Internet,reading,penpalling,t.v.,movies,music. I am a NYer now living in South Florida. Been here for 22 years. Looking for others whom are also in FL or anywhere in the country. Thanks.
Im looking for friendship, email me plz
is looking for new friends
Hi,my name is Maria,i am midway through a divorce my husband decided he couldn,t cope with my various condition,s,{lying toerag was having an affair} the best thing he did was to leave.
I am easy going love having a laugh and joke and don,t take life to seriously,i have a 22yr son and two grandchildren,i have to admit i like the odd game of bingo??? sad or what!!!lol i,m just looking for penpal,s to talk to feel free to contact me i,ll reply i promise!!
mad nat
My name is Nat i am 36 i used to be a carer a very dear friend of mine has just joined and made sure i did!! i love cat,s i live alone,i don,t like people who try to be something their not,if you haven,t guessed by now i,m pretty blunt!! i work with disabled people and have made alot of friends through my job,just found out that a friend i have met through my job has cancer,also my friend who has perseuded me to join is also pretty ill, i have found out that people who are disabled are alot more trustworthy than most able bodied folk,s,they also don,t sit on their bum,s feeling sorry for themselves in fact i admire disabled people,if you wana know anymore ask i won,t bite
iam lonely and looking for friends to mail and chat with. Iam lonely and feel like i really want to fall in love-that's nature.
Kingdom of heaven is our eternal paradise, and a man in the garden of eden looking for people who yet reached good news, for devoting all my heart to guide them travel to univercial to understand silver and gold rabbits and stars. I have stroke, leprosy, mental disorder, and panic attack, but i'd like to share my expereince to others. I love to receive mail, please send me a little mail at we are buddy,god bless everybody
Hi! I'm a 39 y.o. woman with many disabilities who is looking for a pen pal.I don't get out much and miss meeting new people. I am from the US and am will to tell you more about me if you'll tell me more about you
hi my name is clare i looking to make friends and help and talk about life problems with each other i been though a bad time with my back problems but i am a fun loving caring 29 year old from oxfordshire
God I hope this works ... have tried a couple of times to leave a message and being the computer illiterate that I am havent succeeded LOL. Am female, married, 57 and a stroke survivor. Partial hemiplegia...also left with a neurological condition. All that aside, I love to chat and share views with others
hello i'm in my 40s, female, and has spina bifida. i wish to contact with people with the same disability male or female,but i would also be happy to connect with people with other disabailities or without any. i love music, movies,and books. i'm quite loyal and love long-term relationships. i hope to find a true friend or more here.
hI I am looking for penpals male or female for chatting and possible meeting. I like chatting and I am good to get along with... I have MS and have had it 12 years, still able to walk and work
Hi my name is paul not been on this site long im lokking for frends im from S E London i am an animal lover like most things have started making silver jewellery a good way to make a bit of cash i am a good cook as well i am marrid but i am happy to talk to enny one so please feil free to e mail me
Hello my name is Erol. I m a reporter in a tv. I m reporting with disabled peoples about their problems. I m a wheelchair user since 1994. I had an accident with my motobike 16 years ago.
Hi, I am looking for male pen pals for friendships. My E-mail is Please E-mail me and I will be a good friend.
Hope to hear from You. Many Thanks: gooch.
I am a 42 year old virgin who has Guillain-Barre Syndrome related paraplegia and Aspergers Syndrome.

I am looking for a man to love me, and to spend the rest of my life with.

I am willing to relocate anywhere with the right man.

Hmmmn hi if anyone wants to make contact with me plz feal free to do so.
Im a family man in my middle age sad to say but hey we cant do nothing about time,,lol.
I am open minded towards religioun,race ,ect i just feal if theres anyone going through remotely what im going through then plz contact.
Im honest and genuine, hmm maybe thats to sugary.
but i would welcome some human contact outwith typing on a board,if a board suites thats fine,enough from me ,i tend to go on a wee bit.Archie
hi, im glenn 34 im looking to chat to disabled women from anywhere i love cooking,swimming,cozy nights in nights out so if you fancy chatting please come over and say hello
I am fifty two years old looking for a pen-pal. Any age, any sex, anywhere. I am a genuine guy who is kind, willing to listen and prepared to help anyone.Look at my profile and if you want to know more please get in touch.
i'm Japanese who is taking a peritoneum dialysis because of a renal failure. i'm looking for someone who are taking a dialysis and can encourage each other. i'd like to correspond by snail mail or email. it is much better if you have same interests. available languages are Japanese (native), English (high-intermediate) and Korean (elementary). however i'd like native speakers of English to be considerate of me. i don't need the people who are arrogant to non-English speakers.
besides i need only a friendship but not a romance.
Hi, I'm Anni , 53 (That'll be a young 53 lol)I'm looking to make new friends, and this seems like a good place to start. I like people, places, music, theatre, cooking, staying in and going out and sharing things with nice people. I go to work every day but not much goes on for me outside of work.I have moderate mobility problems and pain issues, but I just get on with it - there's no point in moaning, it's better to be cheerful!
hi i'm Deborah 41 from London, i have Spina Bifida, would like to make new friends, so if your interested please send me a message