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Would like a pen pal with similar interests. Music from contemporary to pop to classical. I play guitar, classical piano and sing mostly for myself when I can, so I don't drive other people crazy :). I enjoy nature and animals so you've got to feel the same way. I'm a sci fi junkie from the old days of Star Trek to the Twilight's Zones. Feeling the pinch of friends passed away, and would like to make some new contacts that hopefully turn in friendships. I am not into sports, but am into the news, and current events. Also my fish and the birds. I like to laugh and not wallow in our predicaments enjoying the moments and escaping the madness sometimes of the challenges, e-mailing about who we are and what we enjoy would be welcome. I'm a good listener I'm told, and happy to be so as there are times for being serious and time for levity.
With friends disability is bearable.It is good to know that in some site of the world there is someone that cares for me.I am looking for someone to share experiences and good moments.
Hi Andy here

I have cp an the most frustrating bit for me is my speach I struggle getting words out at times which can be very frustrating.

Looking for ePals for general communication, friendship etc

GSOF some people call me a nutter as I enjoy a good laugh, I will try anything once and give it my best shoot.

Work full time in it as a web performance consultant for a very large insurance company, love my job but it's a bit nerd territory but someone has to do it

Like getting out as and when I can as life is too short
I am a native of ........
Time is not so bad to me
I own a loaf of bread, a bit of intelligence, a tiny amount of taste!
I possess a mother better than the leaf
Friends, better than the running brook

Where I am, let it be so
The sky is mine
The window, thought, air, love, earth is mine
What signifies?
If mushrooms of nostalgia
Sometimes grow?

I don’t know
Why some say that the horse is a noble animal, the pigeon is beautiful
And why no vulture dwells in any person’s cage
I wonder why the clover is interior to alfalfa
One must wash eyes, look differently to things words must be washed
The word must be wind itself, the word must be the rain itself
I know that I would cease to exist the moment I cut away a single grass
Single man, 56, 5,9" medium build. Ive got M S and have walking problems but I do get out and about.Easy going and I like tv music would like to hook up with lady for meaningful contact. Im a Libra.. Stanley
Hi, im greg,would love to make new friends as
Ive suffered from m.h,problems for longer than i
care to remember,so ken,i understand that,but im
not limited to just that when it comes to making
new friendships, if that makes sense,so if you
want to add me, view my profile and pm me.
I have a dissabilaty I Ned sex info is this the right place can some 1 Healp me out
`m single 34 year old Disabled person from Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. I was born with a Disability called depression which affect my independence and self-esteem sometimes. but i am a loving person for right guy.

although i have depression they have not stopped me from Volunteering at the Scouts.

I am a bubbly person with a great personality and i would make a good women for the right person.
I am waiting for brave kind honest man of 25-35 years old for serious relationship. I like films, walking, web design, writing, medicine, psyhology. My email is I am from Russia
Feel free to write if you would like to get to know me.
Janice carol
Hi everyone?Looking to make new friends and someone to share my life with.Hoping that being a pen pal will help me with that.I like women only but will b a pen pal with guys too.Hope to hear from someone soon.
Hi my name is Janice and I am 67 years old. I have a Learning Disability and suffer from anxiety.
I would like to write or email someone similar.
I would like to find someone I could email as I am just learning to use a computer!
My name is Derrick and wud love to meet new penpals who are disabled cuz i love working with such people for they are real.
Any disability, anywhere.
Hello all. My name is Ceecy and I am 48 and live in the midwest. I love making new friends from all over. I enjoy snailmail but am open to email or texting. I enjoy reading, movies, crafts, cooking, some Facebook games, and 70s and 80s music. I have diabetes with kidney issues. Am taking insulin. Better then the pills. Anyway.. Hope to make a friend.,
Hi everyone my name is Gary and I am looking for a friendship leading to who knows what,i am a stroke survivor but I can get around ok with crutches i live in the midlands Leicester as a matter of fact,i haven't been on this site for a while but I hope to meet people who enjoy life just like me no matter what life throws at you
hello out there.. does any one wish to talk
what is this?
the pen pal should be knowing English.
I get lonely so I want to make a friend. I can enjoy sharing cultural differences, likes and dislikes, what is going on in our lives, etc.
Hi am looking for any one I can talk to, exchange mails, share jokes and chat.
Hello, my name is Paul I am profoundly deaf, I lost my hearing in April 2013 and have been making adjustments to my life since then. I'm not the "finished article" I would say that I'm still the same person as I was before my hearing loss but my sense of perspective, what matters to me has changed dramatically.
I'm hoping to learn BSL, British Sign Language, in 2014 and also enrolled on a Lip-reading class which hopefully begins in January 2014.
I have many like and not so many dislikes, but hey don't we all at some point in our lives!
If you'd like to e-mail me to chat, chew the fat about life, whatever makes you laugh,if you're frustrated and want to let off-steam I'll be here for you.
Thanks for reading my pen-pal posting, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I wood love to write back and forth to a lovely lady. someone carring like me and wants to be loved, someone who I can be open with and them me,
don't have a lot of friends and work from home so don't c no one , need companionship and communication with others.
Hi All! I'm looking to make friends here. Talk soon.
Hey everyone,
I would love to meet everyone on here. Iu love meeting new people.
Happy holidays...
Aloha, I'm a people person, would love to have a Penpal. I'm a para and I am deaf. I have a service dog that is awesome, he is a major part of my life. I play wheelchair tennis, I am nationally ranked, I have done many things and I have lots to share. I am a good listener also.

Enjoy your day
Would love to chat to new people and make new friends, compare ideas and learn about other peoples way of dealing with their disability.