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60 and Over
Wheelchair User
Meniere's Disease (semi deaf/balance issues). Diabetes, fibromyalgia, bone degeneration disease, severe anxiety/social anxiety (when face to face with folks).
meeting new friends
I am 71yrs. Young..I am a intuitive empath and a creative intuitive writer.
I am challenged for many reasons. I firmly perceive that in the word disabled there is the special word. able . Also the word handicap houses the power word handy! Each of us are unique and gifted/talented in our ways. These are such defined that only we can share with others in our own ways. I am alone living in a nursing care unit as I strive to master walking as much as possible. My family and friends are crossed on yrs. Ago.
creative writing, creative written role playing(I create storylines and characters names and proFiles at time)
I read a to z books lol best enjoyment..fantasy! But enjoy all books.
Plus more.
creative writing role playing reading
Creating self awareness blogs and other topics for mental health n challenges.
Classic rock, classic country, classic blues classic jazz classic gospel
Blind fury, any martial arts comedy classic too
dont watch due to hearing issues

(Email me at thefiresideimp@gmail.com
too many to name!
my now deceased godmother
Anywhere I can write with cats in attendance

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