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30 - 45
Cerebral Palsy
meeting new friends
I'm a bright, happy and easy-going person with a good sense of humor. I like to joke and laugh. I am the baby of the family with three older sisters. You can imagine that it was a tough life growing up with three older sisters in a 3-bedroom house! Just like The Waltons on TV! hehe My speech has been affected and I am not always audible in an understandable manner. To overcome this I communicate using a My self made speech synthesiser from a tablet PC. When Im doing speeches, my first sentence will be-: Apparently, Stephen Hawkings was coming today but after finding out how much Stephen Hawkings fees were they decided to go for a no frills versions. After achieving my degree in computers, I decided to setup my own web design company called Technowebs.co.uk Technowebs was established in the summer of 2000 by me, with the aim of providing cheap, affordable websites across the UK. Im not disabled here as Im Able Here.......
I enjoy going to the pub, cinemas, watching football and rugby.
making people happy
To write a book
Beautiful South, R.E.M, Cold Play, Oasis,
Star Wars, The Terminator, Superman, my left foot (its me), inside im dancing,
Arrow, hawaii five 0, BBC Click, Super League, football, Dr. Who, Two pints and a packet of crisps, Father Ted, Big brother, Top Gear, Match of the day, Gadget show, Home and away
I don't read books, to much effort to turn the pages.
People who buy me drinks in the pub lol
In a pub or in my bed lol
My Penpal
I would like to make new friends

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