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30 - 45
I have ME, Cluster Headaches, Athsma, Ehlers - Danlos Type3, PTSD, BPD, Muscle wastage, Auditory Processing Disorder, Vertigo and GI problems, along with Spinal stenosis & L3/4 and C5/6 dengen.
meeting new friends
1 am a nearly 31 year old mom of two who I love, from the UK, with extensive medical problems and disabilities. I am also a carer as one of my disabilities is genetic. I have a rescue dog and golden who I adore. I have many interests including research, reading, computers, food and various other subjects. I am here to make new friends as I am isolated due to my illnesses. I am a very aware person and very knowledgeable about a huge variety of walks of life having grown up very quickly and self taught, I am very open. I am also a current university student.
Research, reading, computers, food, comedy, music, animals, people and life.
Reading up on new things and learning new breakthroughs in the medical world
I plan to continue to raise my children, find a way to be well enough to go to uni and one day be able to do my one of my dreams of becoming a computer scientist.
I don't think I have a favourite, I have several hundred favourites hahaha, of all different genres.
Anything Marvel, Ryan Renoylds, Adam Sandler (Grown up 1 and 2), Comedies and Sci-Fy films with a decent plot line.
Holby City, Casualty, Law and Order SVU, 24 hrs in A&E, Game of Thrones, Shannara Chronicles, Hawaii Five O, Scandal, Russel Howards Good News and stand up central, 8 out of 10 does Countdown and last but not least Duck Quacks don't echo, big bang theory, simpsons, Brooklyn 99, Shadow Hunters, Lucifer, Cobra Kai and so so many more!
Cathy Glass, The Noughts and Cross Series and Tudor historical novels, werewolf series, I mean i own over 400 books....
I will get back to you on that one.

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